Great people, tasty food, fine times -- the best way to meet friends in the Central Indiana Gay Community!

february Pitch-in

Saturday, February 24, 2018 6:30 to 10:30 P.M.

5228 Bevedere Drive, Indianapolis IN 46228

This month’s party will be our first time at Craig & Tery’s home. They are fabulous hosts and cooks. Their theme for the the food is “Chili”.

You and a friend are cordially invited!

DIRECTIONS: From Meridian St. go west on 38th St. to Kessler Boulevard North Drive. Go North to 52nd St. Go East 1 short block to Bevedere Drive. North to first driveway on the westside of the street.

One of our hosts, Tery Snoeberger, writes:

Since the weather forecast is to be in the 40s, feel free to use the list below as a guide, or just plan on whatever you would like bring.

  • A-G, bring appetizers
  • H-M bring side dishes
  • N-S bring main dishes
  • T-Z bring desserts.
As Fellowship reminds people, it's not a problem if you don't cook, just buy something and pretty-it-up in your own dish and you can call it your own recipe (Even a pre-made salad kit can call for ingenuity.)

Oh, and don't forget to bring along your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to share.

We look forward to seeing y'all!

Membership Surge!

In January there was a big surge of 6 new dues paying memberships. Almost all of these men (and some have partners) came to the Winter Cocktail Party. We had a fabulous time! Over the coming months we will continue having great opportunities for getting to know one another. One new member was a visitor several years ago and came back with a friend. Some were “recruited” as personal friends of Craig & Tery -- this month’s hosts. There is no better method getting new members than for a current member to make a personal invitation to their friends and acquaintances.


The Winter Cocktail Party was a cornucopia of good appetizers, desserts, and fine wines. The weather was without snow so it brought out some guys we haven’t seen in a while. We were entertained by music courtesy of Dennis Sturdevant. We greatly appreciate and thank the men who donated money to the party: David Baker & Bryn Marlow, Mark Beeman, John Bitter, David Booher, John Connors, Larry Coplen, Mark Cox, Chet Cubit, John Eley, Don Hanlin, Jay Heath, Kelvin Kwok & Jason Floyd, Roger Pierce & Matt Fleck, N Kent Robinson, Scott Roby & Doug Meissel, James Schultz, Tery Snoeberger & Craig Woodall, Jim Thieman, Tony Warfield, Bob Wootten & Kevin Comerford, Charles Yaeger & Ed Hansen, Terry Yoder & John Combs. This list will be updated if we receive more donations or accidentally omitted your name. We have held the annual WCP at the national landmark Benton House since 2003, so after 15 years for 2019 we will try to find a new venue. In the last 12 months we have had 3 new hosts, so hopefully there is some excitement in seeing new homes. There are possible new hosting opportunities for October and November, so if you are interested in hosting let us know.

The building rental, special food, and seasonal party supplies cost about $375. This is above & beyond the annual Fellowship Indy budget. So, these contributions are so valuable to keeping this tradition alive.

Quick Notes

Paying your Dues!

We have lots of options, whether you are a traditionalist or a modernist, in how you pay dues.

You can use the US Mail to send a check. At our parties you can pay the Treasurer either in cash, check, or better yet ... sliding a charge card on our Square POS System. In the future we will support paying dues on the website. Also, you are welcome to pay for 2 years at one time.

New Hosts Always welcomed!

Thank you to new hosts for 2017 -- Andy B. and Dos A., and Troy M. and Bill M.! And, for 2018, Tery S. and Craig W.!

If you'd like to host in the future, please check in with Eric Baiz.

UPDATE Your Contact Info and Join Facebook

Please look at your printed newsletter; let us know if your names, address, phone number and email addresses are incorrect. Additionally, if you are not receiving email versions of the monthly Newsletter, then please let us know. If you are partnered and have separate email accounts, we want to send our monthly emails to both partners. You can submit all changes from the www.FellowshipIndy.org website where there is a form for updating your information http://fellowshipindy.org/index.php/contactjoindue.... Also, we go to quite a lot of effort to have a wonderful Facebook page with great photos, PDF copies of the newsletters, and a forum for guys to promote events like art exhibits and interesting events. So please join our Facebook page “Fellowship Indy”. We assertively manage it so that it will not be a source of annoyance or embarrassment.