Great people, tasty food, fine times -- the best way to meet friends in the Central Indiana Gay Community!

Winter Cocktail & Dessert Party

Saturday, January 27, 2018

6:30 to 10:30 P.M.

312 S. Downey Ave.

You and a friend are cordially invited to historic Benton House, a national landmark in Irvington.

DIRECTIONS: Directions: I-70 to Emerson Exit. South on Emerson. Go South of Washington St. (US 40) by 3 blocks. Turn East (left) on University Avenue. Go 4 short blocks. Turn South (right) on Ohmer. Pass about 7 houses on the left and you will come to the big parking lot of the Benton House. It is good to use the small back door of the house. If the lot is full, then park on either Ohmer or Downey.

Please bring your best hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and wines, and non-alcoholic beverages!

Christmas, New Years Eve, and Winter Cocktail PartIES

On January 27, instead of a regular pitch-in, we will have our annual Winter Cocktail Party at the Benton House, a national historic landmark in Irvington. This is an informal party to share your best hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and wines --and non-alcoholic beverages, too. The character of the party is a little different from our regular pitch-ins. This is dinner, but it is “heavy hors d’oeuvres” and fancy desserts. It is time to leave your mash potatoes and Brussels sprouts recipes in the cook book. Hot and cold finger foods are the order of the day. Dress is not formal, rather Winter festive.
Another difference is that this is a time to share your favorite bottle of wine or champagne. [In the past Fellowship has not had an accident, but a Benton House policy is to not drink red wine in rooms with historic carpets.] We will have music through-the-years from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s.


The building rental, special food, and seasonal party supplies will cost about $375. This is above & beyond the annual Fellowship Indy budget. This is an ideal opportunity -- for those of us who have homes too small to host 40+ men at a regular pitch-in -- to be co-hosts of a big party. Please feel free to step forward with a little extra financial support. All donations, great & small, are appreciated and recognized only by name. Please get your contribution to the Treasurer either by check, cash or credit card. If your dues are about to renew in the next few months, you can make one combined payment and we will apply any amount over $15 towards the party.

Quick Notes

Paying your Dues!

We have lots of options, whether you are a traditionalist or a modernist, in how you pay dues.

You can use the US Mail to send a check. At our parties you can pay the Treasurer either in cash, check, or better yet ... sliding a charge card on our Square POS System. In the future we will support paying dues on the website. Also, you are welcome to pay for 2 years at one time.

New Hosts Always welcomed!

Thank you to new hosts for 2017 -- Andy B. and Dos A., and Troy M. and Bill M.! And, for 2018, Tery S. and Craig W.!

If you'd like to host in the future, please check in with Eric Baiz.

UPDATE Your Contact Info and Join Facebook

Please look at your printed newsletter; let us know if your names, address, phone number and email addresses are incorrect. Additionally, if you are not receiving email versions of the monthly Newsletter, then please let us know. If you are partnered and have separate email accounts, we want to send our monthly emails to both partners. You can submit all changes from the www.FellowshipIndy.org website where there is a form for updating your information http://fellowshipindy.org/index.php/contactjoindue.... Also, we go to quite a lot of effort to have a wonderful Facebook page with great photos, PDF copies of the newsletters, and a forum for guys to promote events like art exhibits and interesting events. So please join our Facebook page “Fellowship Indy”. We assertively manage it so that it will not be a source of annoyance or embarrassment.